hello you..!! What makes your heart do a happydance?

From the very beginning, Oreo has encouraged play. After people were globally playing with Oreo in a huge variety of ways, Oreo decided to elevate their message. Besides creativity in food, they wanted to encourage creativity in life by including designers worldwide to design posters, the 'PLAY WITH OREO' challenge.

I was selected as one of five Dutch designers to take part in the 'play with Oreo' challenge and design two posters. Aaaaah...such an honor..!! I was excited, because I love Oreo cookies ^__^ and I feel like the brandvalues of Oreo are similair to those of La Bong.



First I researched Oreo and took in the assignment. After a brainstorm I started sketching on paper and worked out several concepts to work with. I made a selection and digitally working out the ideas. I wanted the Oreo-man to be full of loving life and happy.

I worked on two designsketches with paper. I always make my work by hand, I get a better idea of the design when I see it getting shape in front of me and a it's bigger than what I see on the computerscreen and sketchbook. This was important because the final designs had to be A0 sized posters.

 I was happy with both posters. Though I thought it would be nice to have a collective theme for the posters, therefore I chose two dynamic dancing posters in the end. Now it was time to create the final pieces (size 92 x 130 cm).

I created stenicils and spraypaint, especially the Oreo logo was difficult to make, I really wanted the cookie come out as realistic as possible.

I was taking a few risks. By making the posters by hand, I could not change or edit details, like you could do on the computer. The first Oreo was sold in 1912 on March 6, therefore I wanted to use oldschool colors. My other risk was making the decision to not use blue, Oreo didn't limit me in having to use blue sooooo...why not ^__^

 As a social media idea with this poster, I thought that people in the city could 'grab' his hand and dance with the Oreo-man.
On to the next one! I really loved this design because there were actually three characters in the poster and it is about sharing joy together. This aspect I wanted to take in, because I feel many people worldwide are being very creative with the cookies and that's a way of bringing people together, spark creativity and inspiring to create.



Though my face is serious, I was also very happy with this second design, the posters were almost as big as me.. 


The other idea I had with this poster was to have a special edition Oreo Cookie, for people on social media to become part of the campaign and share their smile with the world. Unfortunately that Oreo cookie stayed being my dream and never became reality..


 A close up photo where you can see the flaws of the handmade piece, though I feel that's also what gave character to the artpiece.

The posters were part of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven:

I truly enjoyed the process, the cookies (I had to eat tons, for inspiration;) and the outcome. Thank you Oreo, meet again?

- Max Bong

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