What makes your heart do a happy dance? Overcome to become. - La Bong



Artists all over the world are expressing themselves through La Bong. Dancers, musicians, photographers and illustrators. I love following the jouneys of other artists, they're following their passion which is not always the easiest way. 'Overcome to become'.

  Aly Ndiaye                      

New York City


Dichter is a Dutch rapper and spoken word artist. He colors you a picture by painting with words. Born in Ethiopia raised in Holland, growing up with music. His voice is relaxing and notable and his words will show you his world of thoughts. It is his passion to philosophize and rhyme poetically. By being open minded, Dichter tries to break taboos. He wants to make the best music, make a living out of music and push the boundaries.






Defenitely an artist you should keep an eye on..!! I met Dichter several times and also his manager Daniël de Keizer, both great people. I like how unique Dichter is in his work and he's a very down to earth guy, with big dreams. Besides his music he likes to collaborate with artists, photographers and  the theater. Check out Dichter his site:

>> website Dichter



Kalian Sams                    

The Netherlands - professional athlete, baseball player


Kalian Sams in a professional baseball player, he works hard with heart. A beautiful example is the finals of the European Championship on september 18th, 2016. While his team was playing the finals against Spain, Kalian was still in the hospital watching the birth of his first child, son Dean. He felt on top of the world, but in the back of his mind was his team fighting for the win. He decided to still go to the game and his coach let him play, although he didn't sleep for 48 hours, he still managed to play well. That they he became a father and they won the Championship 2016.





Kalian played professionally in Texas, Taiwan and currently for the Dutch Baseball Team. It was an honor Kalian took the time for me to come over for a little photoshoot. He was only in the Netherlands for a very short time before he had to go back to the States. A man with a golden heart and a fighting spirit.





  Jesse Boykins III                    

USA, Brooklyn - musician

Jesse is a R&B/soul singer-songwriter and producer, originally from Jamaica. Already as a kid he found his voice, his love for music. After high school he was recruited to The New School University in New York City. At The New School, he perfected his skills as a writer, performer, arranger and producer and as a vocalist.

I am following Jesse for years already and when I was shooting in New York I coincidentally ran into him in the Bronx, such a kindhearted man! I went to see him perform a few days later, it was an epic performance, truly one of a kind. He feels the music, he moves on the music, he gives you an unique experience. Him being so pure in everything he does, is what makes him a great artist.

 >> Jesse Boykins III soundcloud



Thanda Mutero                    

UK, London - freerunner


Thanda is a versatile freerunner, Parkour practitioner with a creative and free spirited mind. He shares his journey and life by being himself: open, energetic and creative.

He tried other disciplines of movement such as dance, athletics and martial arts, but they all felt restricted. Inspired by watching Jackie Chan films he found his way to parkour and free running. Thanda has developed his own unique style, which make his movements aesthetically pleasing as he traverses over walls and obstacles. He doesn't approach it as a sport, but as an form of art.







USA, Los Angeles - photographer, filmmaker


She contacted me because she wanted to include some La Bong pieces in her work with top model Chase Mattson. Luixe has an interests in analog film, faded snapshots, a longing for imagery that recalls and beckons a time long past, and a process re-authored through a lens with an emphasis on memory.





>> website Luixe




Rosabelle Illes                    

Aruba - poet, writer


This woman does so many things, creative and productive, she works hard with heart. Rosabelle was a speaker at TEDxAruba, does promotion work, writes short stories, launched two poetry collections, releassed a book, gives workshops, performs and is a spoken word artist.




>> website Rosabelle Illes


Exo-K- Kai                    

South-Korea - musician, actor


Kai is a South Korean singer and actor. He's a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO-K.






Aloysius Anagonye                    

USA, Michigan - professional athlete


Aloysius is a professional Basketball player born in Michigan. He played in Greece, France, Los Angeles, Spain and Turkey. On the side he tries to give back during the summer by coaching youth basketball camps.




Jun Oh                    

France, Paris - digital illustrator


Junoh is one of the first people I found on instagram, I don't even remember how. Over the years he developed so much in his work and he has some great skills. I felt honored for him to include La Bong and Mr. Bowman twice in his artwork..!!


>> Facebook Jun Oh



Nilton Tyz Martins                    

France - dancer


Nilton Martins is a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer based in the Southern of France. He's a dedicated dancer, who loves putting a smile on those around him. He often works with musicians, to tell a story through danceing moves in a musicvideo or to dance on stage.





Val & Juul                    

The Netherlands, Almere - dancers


Val & Juul contacted me to customize their sweaters.  It was their first competition they performed solo and duo performances in hand painted La Bong sweaters !! They did great and came in 4th..!! Valerie & Juliet only ten years old are mixing hard work with skills and belly laughs. Two young dedicated hiphop dancers.

- Max Bong

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