What makes your heart do a happy dance? Overcome to become. - La Bong

La Bong represents a

certain mindset

For people who never stop learning
For dreamers who do what they love to do
For courageous people who keep fighting despite setbacks

With simple, yet powerful statements about social themes like personal quest and freedom, I try to inspire you. Don't turn a challenge into an excuse. Reaching your goal is a journey…'overcome to become'. That is La Bong. And who are you?

- Max Bong -


I am Max founder, and designer of La Bong. A concept designer, to develop an idea that will reach the audience in almost a naive way. I strive to be inventive and over the years I have developed my own visual language.

To create an image I edit it down, where every element has a function. I use low-tech materials and my craft to create a certain type of typography and design.


I love to do projects! The assignments varied from short animations, posters, logo designs to photoshoots and clothing print designs.


I am based in the Hague. You can contact me by email: maxbong00@gmail.com

La Bong



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