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Hello you..!! For several years now I have been active on facebook and Instagram. I love sharing my journey and to have contact with my audience. Now I 'discovered' Snapchat (name:max.bong), unfortunately very late, but nevertheless I got there and...I am so in love with it..!! It allows me to express myself in so many creative and simple ways.
Also, you guys are very creative on Snapchat, so fun to see, it feels more personal than Instagram I think due to the rawness and 'in the moment' videos, overall it's less edited.

 2016, December 

Testing the possibilities of the filters

One of the best things in Snapchat are the filters! I discovered it also worked on my paintings, drawings and Mr. Bowman:


I was thinking...if it works on drawing, then what are the limits for Snapchat, when is a 'face' recognised as a face? Apparently, all you need is eyes and a mouth, just like Mr. Bowman ;) funny enough. This opens up many doors. Below an example of a 'face':


Surrounding filters

These filters are very cool, they change your environment. You're standing in between fireflies, snowflakes, falling autumn leaves or clouds, no matter where you turn your phone. Below an interaction with the cloud filter:



There are so many of stickers available which you can place, rotate and scale anywhere. I thought it'd be interesting to create portraits using all types of stickers:




The main idea is to tell a story which is visible for 24 hours. Normally I create one drawing, one quote, one photo...not really used to tell a story in a video, I saw this as a challenge and it is going to be a new learning curve. Below you can see my creative 'Max meets deer' story:





You can make yourself! I was not expecting a lot from this, but once I saw the possibilities after I created my Bitmoji I was amazed:

  • You get numerous unique emoji's expressing all kind of things which comes in handy with the storytelling part
  • When you message someone, their emoji interacts with yours *cool stuff
  • After filming, you can add any emoji of yourself and if you press the screen a bit longer it moves along with the video...!!!! That made me so happy ^__^ you can't tell me that ain't supersweet

Below you see what I mean:






Share snappers!

I'm on snapchat for less than three weeks, I'll post another Snap!blog in a few months, curious to see where it is gonna go.

Feel free to leave a comment. Please feel free to follow my snapchat account, to contact me and to recommend creative accounts. My favorite accounts so far are @ChocJohnny @aaronfps @indieindian and @amaurynolasco

   ** UPDATE ** 2017  

NEW Sticker Portraits

Turns out I am in love with stickers if that is even possible...
The possibilities are endless, and every time I think I have used all the stickers...I find new ones or Snapchat updates the sticker gallery. I also combine the Snapchat lenses with the stickers to make them even more unique. 

Snapchat has truly inspired me because they make it easy to communicate and be creative at the same time. It is also very good for my mood due to the interactive filters and what people create with it, makes me often laugh. 

What is next?

I would like to explore the storytelling aspect more, I did do it in several videos, but I need to explore it more to take it to the next level. Also I want to find a stylus ^__^ to add drawings, I tried it with my finger but I am too much of a perfectionist, I need to control those lines. 




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