What makes your heart do a happy dance? Overcome to become. - La Bong


>New bags are online and even more are still in the making and only half done ;) Find out more about the ideas behind the bags



The leather used is 100% real leather, which I selected on colour, structure and quality. Every bag is handmade in the Netherlands. Many bags are finding their form while sewing, when I get inspiration from the materials. Since I use real leather there is only so much material to use, therefore almost all the bags are unique. I learned a lot from Howard Hilliot Hilliot and youtube ;) and I am still eager in learning more techniques and make every bag better and better.

Another hobby of mine is to collect interesting fabrics to line the bags with. Whenever close family members or friends are traveling the planet, they'll keep their eye out for fabrics. The main fabrics for lining I use at the moment are Indonesian Batik and Liberty London fabrics which you see below.



In my designs I tend to be very conceptual, which results in you probably not immediately seeing the idea. So I think it is nice to tell you a little bit about the designs. 
'Overcome to Become' La Bong represents the mindset 'overcome to become'. For people who never stop learning and dare to learn by trial and error; dreamers who do what they love. The rising line around the bag, is a metaphor for growth, for 'overcome to become.'

Our eye is used to 'read' from left to right, if the line was tilting the other way it would look like a downwards going line. 

These words 'overcome to become', fit La Bong to the core, because anyone could relate. You can make it as small and as big as you want, words to keep in mind in that moment you are dealing with setbacks and feel like quitting.


Bright side  There is always a bright side! This design is metaphorically based on that saying, which translated into a bright coloured side.

Maze Reaching your goal is a journey, the road never goes in a straight line. Throughout the years I used mazes several times as a metaphor, this time I had to find a way to minimalize the maze for it to work with leather.

Artsy stuff Sometimes I just let go of all my ideas and just play.

More coming up soon, already working on the next bag. Once a bag is finished it will immediately show online. 


New in the La Bong collection are the leather handmade little bag charms & keychains. A little egg, Mr Fish or bowtie eye catcher to brighten up your key bush or hang a bag charm on your bag or maybe in your car, make sure to send me a photo! :)


You can turn any key chain into a bag charm. Or bring some La Bong into your car and use it as a rear view mirror charm.


Another fun update is that for the first time there will be prints available of my illustrations. Limited edition of 100, every print is signed and numbered. Currently, only the two prints below are available, but let me know if there is another design you would love to have on your wall.

I am very happy these bags are online! I have been working very hard on the collection and still have more to come. Enjoy!

- Max Bong


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